Transforming Sales Organizations With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform sales organizations and render them more productive, more efficient and increasingly agile. While we’ve been preaching this for a long time at XANT, there’s still ambiguity around “how” Artificial Intelligence actually helps salespeople sell more. We need to clear up any confusion around AI, if we’re to fully take advantage of this amazing technology. I’d like to take some time and show you what this journey looks like, from a user perspective.

We recently worked with a major telecommunications company to show exactly how AI works behind the scenes. The truth is, most AI users don’t know about all the little cogs behind the machine. They just see AI-recommended actions and the revenue lift from following them.

An event study for a major telecommunications company showed that after implementing Artificial Intelligence, they get an almost 30 percent lift in revenue. 

Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the CRM

To understand a bit more about how Artificial Intelligence works for salespeople, let’s dive into the history of sales systems a bit. Here’s how it all started:

  • No less than one generation ago, people would use Rolodexes to store their contacts;
  • In the 80s and 90s, Goldmine and other organizations create systems of record for managing relationships – digitizing Rolodexes;
  • Siebel and Salesforce upgrade to a system of engagement, allowing users to modify records.

At XANT, we believe adding Artificial Intelligence to the CRM is the next step. AI is going to disrupt the way we do sales.

AI can answer questions about who to engage and how to engage with them for higher chances of success.

Why Artificial Intelligence is So Powerful – It’s the Data, Stupid

For those who don’t really know how Artificial Intelligence works, I’m going to give the catch-all, higher level definition. Artificial Intelligence analyzes data on past and present interactions to make predictions on desired outcomes.

The more data you have, the more accurate the neural engine predictions.

The XANT machine learning engine, Neuralytics, is powerful and unique for three reasons:

  1. It’s made up of cross-company data, and lots of it (trillions of data points).
  2. That data is global data (you go outside of your company’s records and see what others are doing).
  3. It includes behavioral data with outcomes.

Nobody else has this. It’s the lifeblood of the XANT system for business growth. 

Data science is so critical in sales, because data, unlike people, does not have a point of view the way people do. We have biases. Data does not. All we care about is being accurate.

By analyzing trillions of data points from thousands of companies across the globe, Neuralytics can enable accurate predictions on sales outcomes and produce profound sales transformation.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence In Your Sales Organization

Sales leaders actually dread implementing technology sometimes. There’s always some degree of complexity and IT legacy systems that you need to consider. 

Implementing the XANT Neuralytics engine is done in three key steps:

  • Add AI to your CRM data – learn what sales reps are doing, increasing visibility and sales productivity (10% increase in revenue)
  • Deploy predictive models that show information about your ideal buyers and sellers. This adds info about how you can reach ideal results (up to 20 percent lift in revenue)
  • Create custom models with AI, that solve more complex business problems (up to 30 percent lift to business results)

More and more companies are moving along the path to AI, and with each phase you can get an exponential lift in revenue.

How AI Helps Companies Sell More

So, to sum up, here’s how AI can transform every step of the sales process in an organization:

Sales Development – AI can help sales development teams by showing which leads are more likely to respond – at what time of the day, and which communication medium they should use. 

Sales managers and sales reps – Artificial Intelligence shows sales reps (account executives) by showing them which deals are more likely to close, what actions they need to take to close these deals – and whether their forecast is accurate or not.

CRO/CMO – At the executive level, Artificial Intelligence can answer complex questions about the business environment, like how to prevent customer attrition or how to achieve a good product/market fit.

Watch the video to understand how one company managed to get a 5X ROI out of using an Artificial Intelligence system to increase their revenue.

About XANT

XANT offers the industry’s leading AI-fueled sales acceleration platform powered by Neuralytics™, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth.

Using the XANT platform can increase revenue up to 30 percent in just 90 days.

We have 10 years of data science applied specifically to sales. In this time we have produced over 22 patents on sales predictions.

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