UK Sales Leaders See the Power of Sales Acceleration

London XANTXANT celebrated its formal launch into the European market by hosting an exclusive party in the heart of London on Oct. 1, 2015.

The evening featured a number of special guests, including Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, a noted neuroscientist and provocative academic with a strong focus on the future, society and the way we interact with new technology.

Joining her was Dave Elkington, XANT CEO and founder, and EMEA General Manager Martin Moran.

“A packed venue listened to our own Dave Elkington and Baroness Susan Greenfield discuss the power of the digital and organic brains – a fascinating contrast,” Moran said. “The fact that the event was heavily oversubscribed provides evidence of the demand for what XANT can provide to businesses in the UK and beyond.”

The purpose of this special event was to highlight the release of XANT’s Predictive Cloud in the UK.

Attendees learned:

  • How neuroscience can help sales teams better understand their customers.
  • How advances like the Predictive Cloud can bring the power of big data, predictive analytics and machine learning to accelerate an organization’s sales by 30 percent in as little as 90 days.
  • How Neuralytics, with data on nearly 100 billion sales interactions, powers the sales acceleration apps that run on the Predictive Cloud.

The event also offered an opportunity for guests to network and connect with their peers.

In all, 60 guests attended, representing major companies such as Barclays, Pitney Bowes, Thomson Reuters and Wood Mackenzie.

The event garnered significant media coverage, including pieces on CNBC, Diginomica and The Times.

While XANT has been the leader in sales acceleration technology in North America for several years, it’s just beginning to enter international markets, starting with Europe.

XANT began signing up UK customers in July, and is currently offering PowerDialer, PowerStandingsSales IndicatorVision and HD Forecast.

XANT is making waves because many UK businesses are looking for prescriptive and predictive technologies to accelerate growth.

With that in mind, XANT is quickly working toward having its Neuralytics engine ready for international markets, feeding them with the predictive power of billions of sales interactions.

For more information on the power of predictive analytics in sales, download the free ebook below.

The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

Free eBook: The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

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