How Fear of Commitment Is Killing Your Sales Forecasts

Sales Forecasting EbookHow accurate and actionable are your sales forecasts?

Research conducted by C9, which is now part of XANT, reveals that sales reps often delay committing to winnable deals.

Sales reps tend to only commit to deals they feel confident about, but that leaves a lot of winnable deals uncommitted, especially early in a quarter.

The C9 research shows definitively that technology can predict which deals are the most likely to close – even early in sales cycles and before a rep is ready to commit.

In fact, machine-learning algorithms are 5 times more accurate on the first round of commitments than the sales team’s predictions, according to this study.

By applying data science to your sales pipeline, you can make your sales forecasts more accurate and actionable.

This allows leadership to allocate resources and plan better, leading to more predictable revenue generation and less discounting.

To learn more about this groundbreaking research, get the free white paper below. 

Applying Data Science to Sales Pipelines White Paper

Free White Paper: Applying Data Science to Sales Pipelines for Fun and Profit

This white paper presents an overview of XANT’s predictive sales technology for two specific problems: opportunity scoring and forecasting.

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