What Major League Baseball Taught Me About Sales

A lot of sales people have a sports background. You might even say, it’s a stereotype to assume a salesperson was an athlete at some point in their life. Even if that were true, not many sales people ever reached professional levels in their careers. It is a rare occasion to meet someone who has advanced to a level of ‘professional’ but that’s exactly where Kevin Gergel found himself in his not so recent past. Kevin was a professional baseball player and although he didn’t have a long career he stayed long enough to experience and learn many lessons that not only helped him in life but also helped him sell better. In this episode, Kevin dives into his sports background and shares lessons he learned playing baseball and perfecting sales.

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**In This Episode You’ll Learn:**

– Why baseball is like sales
– Lessons learned from Kevin’s experience in baseball
– How to be a great sales person


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