XANT Debuts Next Generation AI Sales Platform

Full-stack Sales platform fuels 30% revenue growth with Amazon-like insights informed by AI and Collective Intelligence™ from billions of buyer interactions


SILICON SLOPES, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–XANT, the No. 1 AI platform for sales and business growth, today unveiled a new version of its product featuring Collective Intelligence (CI) insights into 200 million global buyer profiles and billions of sales interactions. The new platform delivers predictive and prescriptive insights that optimize all five major phases of the sales process, helping sales professionals build a larger pipeline and close more deals. It also features the all new NeuralMap™, an Amazon-like feature that discovers net new contacts with intelligence from other vendors that sold complementary products into the same target companies. Unlike legacy CRM Systems of Engagement, XANT delivers a true System of Growth that exclusively combines AI with Collective Intelligence to inform better buying experiences, increase sales efficiency, and drive predictable growth for companies of every size.

Suaad Sait, President of Growth and Products at InsideSales explains, “We believe sales is only effective and efficient when it is informed by the behavior of like-minded buyers. Just like Amazon provides ‘People Who Viewed This, Also Viewed That’ insights, we help sales professionals find the most likely buyers for their products. By leveraging our exclusive Collective Intelligence into more than 120 billion global buyer interactions, we are the only company providing accurate and actionable insights to prioritize and close more deals.”

CA Technologies Elevates Digital Demand Generation to Grow Sales

XANT gives us the edge when it comes to uncovering opportunities and connecting with buyers at the right time,” said Sid Kumar, Global Head of Digital Demand Generation at CA Technologies. “We’ve used the platform for quite some time to drive significant measurable growth–not simply customer engagement.”

XANT Accelerates the Complete Sales Process with AI

XANT unlocks the value of data trapped in legacy Systems of Engagement to drive up to 30% more revenue with a next-generation full-stack AI Sales Platform powered by Collective Intelligence. It is the only authentic System of Growth that helps modern sales professionals optimize every stage of the funnel to:

  • Discover and sell to the right people at the right time with recommended target accounts that are 3X more likely to convert into opportunities.
  • Prioritize prospects and activities based on total opportunity value predictions to keep sales focused on the highest value opportunities.
  • Engage more decision-makers, leveraging insights into the experiences of other successful sellers to understand the best method and time to engage.
  • Manage pipeline and prioritize sales resources with 90% accuracy in predicting which are likely to close.
  • Forecast more accurately using predictive insights to understand when a deal will close.

These breakthrough capabilities are only possible with the exclusive combination of XANT’s patented AI engine and Collective Intelligence insights into billions of global interactions.


The XANT AI Sales Platform is now generally available and will be demonstrated at Dreamforce Booth 1712, September 25 – 28, 2018.

About XANT

XANT accelerates business growth with the first full-stack AI sales platform that helps sales teams consistently achieve quota and grow revenue by as much as 30 percent. Only XANT gives Amazon-like buyer recommendations powered by AI with collective intelligence into billions of buyer interactions to inform better buying experiences, optimize sales efficiency, and provide meaningful growth for companies of all sizes. Today, more than 1000 companies including Caesars Entertainment, American Express, Cisco, CenturyLink, T-Mobile, Fidelity Investments, Microsoft, West Corp., Broadridge, Ten-X, Waste Management, and Workday rely on the CRM-agnostic XANT.

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