Why You Need to Attend NEXT 2021

Our customer conference—NEXT 2021 is just around the corner and we think you should be there. NEXT is a free 2-day virtual event designed to give your sales team practical insights to succeed in 2021, and a vision for where the market is going. 

NEXT isn’t just any virtual conference. We’ve spent months curating content, keynotes, and breakouts that are catered to the new landscape of sales. How have the events of 2020 changed the world of sales? What do you need to do to thrive in this new world? How can you use Playbooks to help you thrive? These are all questions we answer at NEXT. Here are just a few of the reasons we think you’d benefit from it:

  1. We’ve got a killer line-up of speakers to guide your team into 2021 (CEOs, authors, sales futurists, and more).

The industry of sales is always changing, but now more than ever. NEXT will feature speakers who have led digital transformations and pioneer best practices in sales. Here is a sneak peek at the speakers and what you can learn from them: 

  • Chris Harrington will share a brief look back at 2020, what we learned, and what we need to succeed going forward.
  • How do you fill in the pipeline gaps left after marketing has done its job? Lori Harmon will show you how to build an outbound program that produces convertible leads. 
  • What does it mean to achieve predictable revenue during a pandemic? Or after a pandemic? Aaron Ross wrote the brook on predictable revenue (literally). 
  • Not sure what embracing tech in the new sales landscape looks like? Justin Michael will speak on the importance of not shying away from the digital transformation and how to become a tech superhero. 
  • Want to learn from someone who’s gone further than most in completely reimagining how to go to market? Trey McCall will unveil some of the exciting tactics he’s implemented at Ping Identity to engage customers differently.
  • And what does good look like for leading business development teams as buyers have changed so dramatically? Hear from David Dulaney on how to align your GTM teams to the new customer journey.
  1. See the latest in Playbooks and get trained from experts and customers on how to get the most value from it.

Set up your team for success with not only a powerful platform but the knowledge to utilize it in the most effective ways. This is free, in-depth product training for your team. Motivate reps, managers, and admins and enable them with intuitive looks at the ins and outs of Playbooks. Hear from other customers on how they are using Playbooks to maximize their time, get to leads faster, and close more deals. Is your team utilizing video messaging? Sendoso? Or shared records? Learn how to use all of these features and more. 

  1. Get an inside look at the latest XANT industry research and how our own revenue teams are aligning to changes in the market.

To help you understand best practices and thrive in the new sales landscape, we have recently conducted various industry research—including:

  • An updated version our Lead Response Study with new insights from over 55M sales interactions at 400+ companies: What was the biggest takeaway? Speed to lead still matters, now more than ever. We’ll be talking about capitalizing on speed (getting to leads in less than 5 minutes means they are 8 times more likely to convert) and sharing features that can help you do it. For example, our recent release Shared Records and Urgent Tasks gives you the power to mark a lead as “shared” and “urgent” which will automatically round-robin the lead around the team until it gets worked. 
  • An updated version of the States of Sales Development: This includes polling data from over 450 top sales managers addressing questions ranging from sales team configuration, compensation, cadence strategies, and sales tools and technical elements.
  1. Enjoy the flexibility of a virtual conference. 

With a virtual conference, you can watch anytime, anywhere. Of course, we recommend attending during the conference to get the full experience, be able to interact with others virtually, ask questions, etc… But recordings of each session will be available for one month prior to the event. You can go back and rewatch sessions, follow up on what you missed, and watch at your leisure. No need to fly in and stay in a grubby hotel, enjoy the conference from wherever is convenient for you! 

NEXT 2021 has been designed to help your sales team be as effective and efficient as possible. We’d love to see you there, hear your input on using Playbooks, and enable you to move forward into the 2021 sales landscape with confidence. 

Convinced yet? Register for the event here.

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