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We had a killer time last week at the Tenbound Sales Conference in San Francisco, so here’s our short wrap up. We presented our “State of Sales Development” research to an audience of around 200 sales professionals.

The State of Sales Development – New Research

The “State of Sales Development – 2017” (to not be confused with “State of Sales 2017”) is an amazing piece of research that shows what the industry looks like when it comes to professionals building qualified pipeline.

It paints a picture of how sales development reps are using technology to grow their pipeline, what processes and activities have the most yield, and what their compensation structure looks like.

XANT created this study in partnership with SalesForLife, BridgeGroup, Drift, Datanyze, OneMob, and Tenbound. The study focused on 900 companies. It will give you the four elements of building an optimized sales development organization as well as examined four-steps of successful sales development teams:

  • Sales Structure
  • Sales Technology Systems
  • People
  • Pipeline

If you’re in sales development (or sales leadership), you would do well to take a look at this study.

You can get the executive summary of the research here.

XANT at the Tenbound Conference

I loved the presentation at Tenbound, and I loved to present there! Watch the video below if you don’t believe how awesome it was!

We’ve had a host of incredible speakers, among which: Carrie Simpson (CEO of Managed Sales Pros), Mike Vandenbos (Founder of Zipwhip), Mark Gonyea (Cofounder of memoryBlue), Jacob Shaffren (Director of Sales Development at DiscoverOrg) and Chris Beall (CEO at ConnectAndSell).

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