XANT Introduces the Revenue Acceleration Cloud

XANT Introduces the Revenue Acceleration Cloud

Powered by Real Intelligence, the Cloud offering drives unparalleled revenue growth with unique collective human experience data

SILICON SLOPES, Utah—September 17, 2019Xant today introduced the Revenue Acceleration Cloud, building on its global, enterprise-grade customer base and the company’s innovative foundation. The Cloud offering is comprised of aReal Intelligence platform, core services, and a set of solutions designed to accelerate customer revenue in away CRM and AI alone cannot. Real Intelligence combines AI algorithms and CRM data from Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, and Infor customers, using collective human experience data to help revenue teams build closeable pipeline and retain and expand business. Buyer behaviors are changing fast, making it harder for revenue teams to align and optimize efforts–Forbes reports that only 43 percent of reps hit quota. Even when CRM is augmented with AI, the combination alone has not resolved numerous customer lifecycle challenges, such as which accounts to target, what leads to prioritize, and how to engage customers effectively. Traditional tools lack the fundamental data necessary to accomplish these tasks. The Revenue Acceleration Cloud, powered by Real Intelligence, provides the data insights and engagement capabilities critical for revenue team success.“With the Revenue Acceleration Cloud, we are delivering upon our powerful vision to provide enterprise revenue teams with the data, insights, and solutions necessary to drive real results,” said Chris Harrington, CEO of inside sales. “We’re pioneering the future of growth with relentless innovation that global brands are increasingly adapting to accelerate revenue.”Real Intelligence delivers the “wisdom of the crowd” by capturing proprietary collective human experience data in real-time between buyers and sellers. This unrivaled set of over six trillion data points across 10 billion interactions between sellers and buyers enables XANT Cloud customers and partners to accelerate pipeline generation and shorten sales cycles like never before.“The XANT solution has enabled our reps to connect with decision-makers far more effectively,” said Mark Brodahl, Vice President of North America, Sales and Sales Operations at Groupon.“In rolling out this solution we have achieved high levels of adoption as our reps have confirmed it actually solves problems.” Microsoft has partnered with XANT to bring the Revenue Acceleration Cloud, powered by real Intelligence, to its Dynamics customers. Microsoft US VP, Small, Medium, and Corporate, Tyler Bryson said of the partnership: “Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, and this is equally true of the partners we choose. We succeed when they and their customers succeed. This is why our partnership with XANT is so important. When you add Microsoft 365 Dynamics + XANT together, you create incredible value for sales teams helping them accelerate revenue generation opportunities. And because the solution runs in Azure it naturally connects seamlessly to Office 365 and LinkedIn. We’re really excited about where this partnership will go.”

About XANT
Xant helps enterprise customers accelerate revenue in a way CRM and AI alone cannot. Its Revenue Acceleration Cloud uses Real Intelligence—behavioral insights captured in real-time between every buyer and seller on the platform—to guide teams to focus on the right things, optimize engagement and improve visibility. Leading brands like Caesars Entertainment, VMWare, Groupon, CenturyLink, T-Mobile, Fidelity Investments, Experian, West Corp., and Ten-X rely on XANT for measurable revenue lift and real results.

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