XANT’s Suaad Sait to Speak at AA-ISP’s Digital Leadership Summit

XANT’s vice president of growth, Suaad Sait, will be speaking Tuesday at the Digital Leadership Summit in Chicago, an event hosted by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). The sales acceleration leader will be a marquee sponsor at this event, as part of its renewed partnership with the association.

The XANT executive will discuss the limitation of today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, in relation to sales professionals’ needs and the expectations of today’s millennial customers.

AA-ISP association of inside sales professionals - digital sales leadership summit

Why Sales Reps Only Spend ⅓ of their Time Selling

Research from XANT shows that sales professionals today are only spending 35 percent of their time in the day selling. The current stats show sales reps are dealing with a flood of administrative tasks they need to manage in their CRM. Manually entering notes after calls in the CRM, customer details or information about deal progression and follow-up information are taking up a lot of their time.

This is a huge productivity and resource drain for companies, as around 65% of a sales rep’s time is spent on non-revenue generating activities.

While the CRM solutions are an effective systems of record, sales reps still spend about 9 percent of their time in spreadsheets, managing CRM-related tasks.

Sales reps also report the CRM is among the least efficient sales system, and data shows that the typical company spends $68,352 per rep per year to pay him or her for tasks they were not hired to do.

What’s Next: AI for CRM Systems

Artificial Intelligence added to CRM’s as a solution to increase sales productivity could be the fix. AI-powered sales acceleration technologies allow automation of  admin tasks and sales reps can focus on the activities most likely to show returns. However, a recent Frost & Sullivan study found that only 15% of interested companies are equipped to implement AI solutions.

At the Digital Leadership Summit, Suaad Sait will demonstrate the differences between conventional technology and practical AI. His presentation will show how AI drives real results in companies that employ sales teams.

This outline will also touch on the AI strategy and solutions companies use to increase revenue. 

Join The AA-ISP Sales Leadership Summit

If you happen to be in Chicago, April 3-5, join the Sales Leadership Summit at AA-ISP and attend Suaad’s presentation. You’ll be able to learn:

  • Why is sales performance declining?
  • What is changing from a buyer’s perspective, including the complex purchasing process?
  • What different technology options can increase performance levels?
  • Where does AI fit into the sales process?
  • When and how should sales leaders expect to see results from implementing AI solutions?

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