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Customer Testimonials

Brian Kreutz PeopleMatter

"3x increase in connect rate"

Andrew Mills Greenway Medical Technologies

"Response time from days to minutes"

Christian Lim Mobify

"More efficient calling"

Brian McCarthy Hanover Insurance

"50-60% increase in outbound calls"

"Increased performance through PowerStandings"

Bruce Ackerman My Computer Career

"Outpacing competition"

Kasey Miller LevelEleven

"3x the calls and 2x the conversations"

Michael Morgenstern Expert institute

"2X the calls"

Gene Park AFS

"A great tool and a partnership"

Chris Perrotti Log Me In

"30% more effort"

Sean Fladermeyer California Casualty

"30% higher quote rates"

Nick Pagnani Career Step

"Increased call volume and connections"

Joe Geng Superior Glove

"Response times from hours to minutes"

Tina Hoang Mobify

"It helps us get things done"

Franklin McGuire PeopleMatter

"2X contact rates"

Corey Colman EPIC

"Increased productivity and connections"

Mark Hemingway Paradigm Life

"2X conversions"

Garrett Holland Sales Staff

"25% increase in appointments set"

Matt Behrend Demo Chimp

"80% increase in productivity"

John Wenstrand Birst

"3X opportunities"

Jen Caparai MyOutdesk, Inc.

"Higher contact rates"

Cynthia Drechsler Egnyte, Inc.

"Increased connections"

Matt Nesci Basati

"Makes it easy to call the right people at the right time"

Amanda Naso Mobify

"Dozens to hundreds of calls per day"

Zach Porath Solution Reach

"Increased call volume and warmer leads"

David Torsak Paradigm Life

"250% increase in leads to conversions"

John Beck Corporation Service Company

"Increased outbound calling volume"

Jason Fletcher Solution Reach

"70% more cold calls"

Aimee Lawrence RGIS

"Increased contact rates"

Kody Tadrel VIP Mortgage Inc.

"2X calls per day"

Daniel Torsale Paradigm Life

"2X growth"

Bob Swanger ABM

"Created sales advantage with data"

Fabiola Sarmento Cray

"Increase call volume and revenue"

Isaac Lewis AFS

"Data-driven insights that shape their business"

Jenifer Anderson Lancope, Inc.

"Doubled sales team"

George Davis Safety Services Company

"Faster contacts, higher productivity"

James Schohsregel Tegile

"30% increase in call volume"

Nick Weber Amplifon

"Higher productivity"

Ramon Del Salto Data Core Software

"Fast, efficient deployment"

Ryan Bott Gild

"15% higher revenues"

Shelley Cox Superior Glove

"Higher international effectiveness"

Titania Richard Extreme Networks

"Increased dials"

Willy Cordero Extreme Networks

"2X rep productivity"

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