Inside Sales Best Practices: Mix Your Media for Best Response Rates

What if I told you that a fax with the exact same content as an email outpulls the email by about 700% in response?

And what if I told you that our average voice message reponse rate is 4.8%? And the rate actually goes up if we send an email and ask the person I’m emailing to look for the voice mail we also just sent?

We learned a long time ago that if everyone else is emailing, we should do something else.

Fax, voice message, direct mail, and call. These are all great. We like to combine these forms of media in a sequence of messages.

But what about text message, a LinkedIn email, or a direct Tweet? These may be an interesting alternative to typical media for communication that sets you apart from the crowd.

We have found a LinkedIn email outpulls a regular email by 3 to 1.

My favorites are fax and high impact direct mail to really get through and be seen.

Be different, stand out.

Author: Ken Krogue |
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