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The Kellogg Survey that was done by Dr. James Oldroyd in 2007 showed a statistically higher close rate for companies that break apart their sales model into specialties.

Internally at Inside we have several specialties in our sales and lead generation departments:

  1. Lead Research
  2. Website Auditor
  3. Lead Response (Fronter)
  4. Lead Qualification (Appointment Setter)
  5. Small Account Closers (Account Executive)
  6. Large Account Closers (Senior Account Executive)

A company that leaves their inside sales reps to find and close their own leads follow what Dr. Oldroyd called a Generalist Model. Even in the early survey by Kellogg there was a close rate that was 7% higher for companies with a specialist model over a generalist model.

As we have perfected our own internal processes we have found the difference to be much higher.

You don’t need to start as complex we have done.

We recommend that you start by separating the Appointment Setters from Closers; just two positions. In fact, we have roles, not just positions.  Some positions carry several roles.

Appointment Setters focus on quantity of calls and appointments set. Each of our Appointment Setters averages 350 calls a day and sets 4-5 appointments each day.

Our Closers focus on quality of calls and specifically on accounts closed. We just had a record month with 40 accounts closed and the highest new revenue growth by 26.4%. One Closer closed 15 accounts in February; also a new record. We were excited to add 7 new Salesforce accounts in one month. This is done by Specialists.

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