How to Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue #df13

Aaron RossSales legend Aaron Ross is at it again. He’s on a mission to eliminate the fatal mistakes that sales leaders make, so they can generate predictable revenue that scales. And he’ll be sharing his message at Dreamforce 2013.

The team at XANT takes every opportunity to learn from this master of inside sales. His advice has helped us ramp up revenue by more than 100 percent in each of the past three years.

In fact, we’ve nicknamed one of his prospecting techniques “The Rossinator” because it has delivered such amazing results.

You can soak up Ross’ proven tips and tricks, which he perfected at, at his Dreamforce session titled “Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue.”

His approach is as engaging as it is informative, as he artfully weaves family photos and stories into his presentations to add a personal touch. His daughter will even join him on stage to share some of her own wisdom.

Key points from this presentation

If you want to build a predictable, scalable sales process, Ross recommends that you do these four things:

1. Focus on a niche: Don’t target too many different types of customers. You have to narrow in on a well-defined niche, at least in the beginning. Figure out what you can be the best in the world at and stick with that.

2. Use messaging that speaks to your audience: Ross says he sees a lot of companies that use vague, confusing messages in their emails and sales presentations. In his Dreamforce session, he’ll show you some bad examples and share some tips to help you clarify your messaging.

3. Understand the three types of leads and the pros and cons of each: Ross characterizes leads as either seeds (word of mouth), nets (inbound marketing) or spears (outbound prospecting). If you treat them all the same, you’re only hurting yourself.

4. Specialize your sales process: Don’t make your closers prospect. You need a dedicated prospecting team. Ross will break it down for you.

Ross has seen clients triple their sales when they follow these four steps. He’ll share his secrets with you at Dreamforce.

Catch this session at Dreamforce

Monday, Nov. 18: 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Yosemite A / B

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