PowerDialer for Salesforce CRM

Announced at Dreamforce 2010, the PowerDialer for Salesforce 3.0 brings the power, productivity, and control of the standard PowerDialer to users. Work faster, smarter, and more productively than ever, while giving management teams the activity reporting and insight they need to build a power sales organization.

Proven to be seven times faster than hand dialing and produce triple the contact rates, the PowerDialer for Salesforce improves lead and sales management practices, filling pipelines and creating bottom-line revenue. The PowerDialer for Salesforce 3.0 fully integrates with the AppExchange platform.

Leverage our "Predictive 2.0" sales intelligence technology, optimizing who to call and when, giving agents confidence that they are giving themselves the best chance for success with every call they make.

Feature Highlights

  • Total integration with Salesforce CRM
    It's your data with our dialers.
  • Prioritized Dialing
    Leads are dynamically pulled into the dialer using query-based criteria you set. Use existing Salesforce reports, or fully customized to your needs.
  • Immediate Response
    New leads are put right at the top of the dialer queue to contact the hottest leads as soon as the next call is placed.

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