XANT Acquires C9 to Optimize Entire Sales Funnel

C9 logoIn late May, XANT acquired C9, a company that helps sales teams improve pipeline visibility and forecasting accuracy through predictive analytics.

By joining forces with C9, XANT extends its reach across the entire sales organization (providing innovative technologies for both inside and outside sales teams) and allows the company to apply predictive and prescriptive analytics across the entire sales funnel, from lead to close.

This strategic acquisition will enable XANT to provide the industry’s first predictive cloud for sales — fueled by sales intelligence from more than 80 billion sales interactions.

How this helps sales teams

Optimize your entire sales funnel

XANT’s industry-leading top-of-the-sales-funnel technology powered by predictive analytics is enhanced by C9’s bottom-of-the-sales-funnel insights into which opportunities will close, when, and for how much.

C9 uses data science to answer forward-looking questions, like:

  • Which deals can I close in the coming quarter?
  • How much revenue will I book?
  • Which reps will exceed quota and which ones will underperform?
  • What are the proven behaviors that will get more reps to their number?

C9 applications power the predictive sales organization by eliminating surprises and prescribing the actions that accelerate top-line growth.

Improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts

Many organizations double sales forecast accuracy by using C9’s predictive sales applications to call a precise number.

C9 allows you to eliminate spreadsheets by generating a single forecast that can be pivoted to meet the needs of everyone in the company.

You can roll up your forecast in minutes, even in global and matrix organizations.

Stop wasting time with the wrong leads and opportunities

Sales reps often waste a lot of time chasing terrible leads and opportunities that have little to no chance of ever closing.

The C9 acquisition allows XANT to solve this problem across the entire sales funnel, from lead to close.

XANT’s NeuralView uses predictive analytics to tell reps which leads they are most likely to contact and close. It also tells them the best time to contact each lead, the most effective way to reach out, and the right message to share.

C9’s proprietary technology analyzes deals deeper in the funnel to ensure reps always know which opportunities are most likely to close this quarter, and which ones might be in jeopardy. Both inside sales and field sales reps rely on these valuable insights to dramatically improve quota attainment.

The acquisition strengthens the XANT sales acceleration platform, which now includes breakthrough innovations in:

  • Predictive sales communications
  • Email and engagement tracking
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales rep motivation
  • Sales hiring

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