Here’s What a $100 Million Day Looks Like

Money ShotAs soon as XANT announced its $100 million Series C funding round Monday morning, the calls and emails started flooding in.

The company expected to get some coverage of this exciting news, but the frothy media frenzy that ensued completely blew us away.

Reporters, commentators and bloggers — from “The Wall Street Journal” to Bloomberg TV to online tech pubs like TechCrunch and GigaOm, as well as many others — jumped all over this important SaaS story.

They were eager to tell the world how XANT will accelerate revenue growth, expand its industry-leading sales acceleration platform, and launch into new geographic markets.

Here’s a quick peek at six major stories on the new XANT funding:

1. Wall Street Journal: XANT Raises $100 Million to Predict Sales

Deborah Gage highlights how the XANT sales acceleration platform uses predictive analytics to show salespeople whom they should call at what time to help them close more deals faster than ever before. Powerful piece.

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2. Bloomberg TV: How to Harness AI and Machine Learning

In this intimate interview with XANT CEO Dave Elkington, he reveals how XANT is giving enterprise sales teams Amazon-like powers to connect with their busy buyers through its patented artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

3. TechCrunch: Big Data Platform XANT Raises $100M

TechCrunch tackled this topic with surprising depth, emphasizing our position in the sales acceleration category, which bridges the gap between marketing automation and CRM. As TechCrunch points out, the sales acceleration technology market is already worth an estimated $12.8 billion.

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4. GigaOM: Software Frenzy Continues as XANT Scores $100M in Funding

Barb Darrow from GigaOM explains that the XANT sales acceleration platform is constantly crowdsourcing anonymized data from sales interactions to increase efficiencies and improve performance for every company that uses it.

See full article on GigaOM.

5. VentureBeat: XANT Is Using Its New $100M to Roll Out Hiring & Performance Tools

VentureBeat spotlights the company’s breakthrough sales technology that evaluates all sorts of factors that influence buyer behavior, from weather to regional gas prices to stock market fluctuations.

See the VentureBeat coverage.

6. Dave Barrett: Why We Led the Investment in XANT

Dave Barrett, managing partner at Polaris Partners, details why he is so excited to invest in XANT: “Within our own portfolio of  40 SaaS companies, those that have adopted InsideSales’ platform have averaged 3X improvements in funnel optimization, 60%+ improvement in new rep productivity, and 30%+ increases in sales close rates.” That’s what happens when you use science and technology to unlock human potential.

See Dave’s full commentary.

See how XANT accelerates sales through science in the video below.

Image credit: Rob Lee

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