The 12 Immutable Laws of Extreme Velocity Sales

Rushing to meet sales quotas at the end of the month or at the end of the quarter is common practice is most sales organizations. However, it is costing most companies millions. The average loss for a company that employs such tactics is 27 percent of potential revenue, according to recent research. Ken Krogue, President of XANT, set to list the rules of high velocity selling that might help sales leaders maximize their teams’ potential and avoid the end-of-the-quarter rush.

The rules were developed in partnership with XANT CEO, Dave Elkington, and highlight actionable items that sales representatives can work on to improve their performance.

The Laws of High Velocity Selling

The 12 immutable laws of extreme velocity sales were published recently in Forbes Magazine and they are as follows:

Be a Playmaker
Have More Conversations
Have Better Conversations
Sprint Between Conversations
Be Pleasantly Persistent
Build Rapport Virtually
Qualify Your Lists
Leads Have Need
Run Cadence Plays
Compelling Sales Content
Specialization is a Team Sport
Manage to Leading Indicators

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In his latest article on Forbes Magazine, Ken Krogue summarizes and explains each rule and demonstrates why acting on each of these would help maximize your potential in sales. The goal is to focus on having more and better conversations with your prospects, at the same time looking to minimize time-wasters. High velocity selling will help you win more customers, increase revenue and keep you from falling behind on your quota.

You can read the full article from Ken Krogue here.

Ken plans to include these laws in a new book meant to help sales professionals with highly effective sales techniques. Ken Krogue, the founder of XANT, has over two decades of sales experience and writes regularly for Forbes Magazine.

He is author of “The Art of Cold Calling and the Science of Contact“, “LinkedIn Inside Sales Tips“, “Data-Driven Sales Prospecting.

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