5 Lies About Inside Sales

Are you considering applying for an inside sales professional job posting? Have you heard negative things about the industry that make you leery about applying? This article will address some of the concerns you might have and lies that are floating around about the inside sales industry.

Lie #1: It’s easy – Anyone Can Do It

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Yes, it’s true people can learn to be better inside sales reps, but some people’s personalities are better suited for it than others. Not only are some people naturally better suited for it, but it’s also not as easy as many believe it to be. Being able to sell over the phone takes skill (which can be learned and improved on. A lot of times, you’ve either got it or you don’t.

Lie #2: Inside Sales is a Small Industry

This is flat out false. While ten years ago, the inside sales industry may have been just a small corner department, it has grown into the preferred method of sales. Why? Because it’s a heck of a lot less expensive. Inside sales allows people to travel less, sell with higher quotas, have a lower impact on the environment and many other benefits. Inside sales is beating outside sales hands down.

Lie #3: It’s Not a Career Choice

With the possibilities of good income and a certain skill in the area of sales, inside sales is, in fact, a legitimate career choice. With higher, reachable quotas, good pay and opportunities to grow, inside sales isn’t just a job. It’s a real career for serious sales people.

Lie #4: Don’t Trust Them

Many people don’t trust sales people, especially inside sales professionals. This is usually because most people equate inside sales to telemarketing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Telemarketers call you at home, during dinner time, and don’t give you a chance to get in one world. An inside sales rep isn’t looking to sell to just anyone. They will try to qualify you, but only if you’ll benefit from the product. Selling to someone who will opt out later on does neither party well.

Lie #5: Inside Sales Isn’t Growing

Inside sales, as stated before, is growing tremendously and is quickly displacing outside sales. During the recession, while everyone else was struggling, inside sales surprisingly surged ahead and flourished. Better yet, it looks like inside sales will continue to grow in the future and is over taking the outside sales rep. In fact, check out this new research report from The Bridge Group, Inc. discussing the current trends in the inside sales and lead generation industry.

The world of inside sales is growing and improving sales in new ways that haven’t been seen before and is redefining sales itself. What are some other lies you have heard about inside sales?

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