5 Products That Help You Stop Losing Leads

You know you’re losing leads, and losing them fast! After reading the Lead Response Management Study, you know that a lot of those hard earned leads are drifting to the gutter and won’t be seen again if you don’t figure something out soon. In fact, additional research shared by Ken Krogue in a recent Forbes.com article shows that only 36% of leads are ever contacted.

There are tools that can help you contact leads quickly and efficiently while dramatically increasing your contact ratios.

5 Tools That Help You Stop Losing Leads:

LocalPresence for Salesforce™ is a powerful tool that customers using XANT have really enjoyed. Have you had to make a call outside of your area code in the US only to go to voicemail and never get a pick up? LocalPresence helps with this. With this tool you can call someone in a different area code and a local phone number will show on their Caller ID. Our research has shown that this tool increases the chance of people answering a sales call. Why? Because there’s a possibility they might know the person on the other line.

PowerStanding is the way to gamify your salesroom! How does gamification help keep leads? It encourages those competitive sales reps of yours to keep calling and follow up if they want to get ahead of the top seller in the company (or keep their spot). As those sales reps compete, you can watch as results increase.

PowerSocial for Saleforce is a force to be reckoned with.It incorporates some of the major social media platforms out there into one easy to use tool. PowerSocial brings out the big guns because you can contact people and/or look them up through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook all in one easy to use interface. This makes it easier for your sales reps to reach out, contact, and interact with leads.

Ah, the PowerDialer for Salesforce. – the number one dialer for Salesforce. Our dialer is considered the best one out there because it increases contact rates, provides analytics and visibility to sales activities. It also makes sales reps’ jobs easier. With “Intelligent communications” technology, the PowerDialer not only make more calls, but will make them at the best times to talk to leads and increase sales.

Click-to-Call for Salesforce brings cutting edge research together with technology to offer a tool that can be used in any browser or operating system. Imagine having the ability to call Salesforce records with a single click of the mouse.  Click-to-Call is one of the best options out there to increase sales and not lose leads due to not being able to call them fast enough.

The tools you use become invaluable with the demand for leads to be called back instantly. With the growing inside sales industry, having the most advanced and proven tools at your disposal are more than worth it. Don’t lose leads when you don’t have to.

What are some of your favorite tools that you use?

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