5 Ways to Boost Inside Sales Rep Sales Performance

You’ve hired the best inside sales reps you could find who passed the interviews with flying colors. Now, how to get these top sellers to excel in your company like they have elsewhere?

When it comes to the sales performance of your inside sales reps, every call made and deal closed is important to the bottom line. How do you increase the results? We can tell you five ways to boost their sales performance:

1. Have an open office. Don’t box your reps in cubicles where they don’t have to look at who they’re competing with! Instead, put your inside sales reps in an open room with their tables facing one another and no barriers to hide behind. Open offices put the pressure on as everyone can see what you’re doing.

Additionally, an open office creates an atmosphere of collaboration. If one sales rep discovers a new technique that really works well, that technique is more likely to be shared with other sales reps. Not only does this drive the bottom line, but it creates a great company culture.

2. Don’t punish your inside sales reps for being on social media. Social media can be a very powerful tool that sales reps can use to reach out to busy decision makers, clients, and leads. Social selling is growing and you don’t want to get left behind as many people are predicting that sales is heading towards it.

3. Investing in some of the latest technology will seriously benefit your sales. As mentioned before, having an open office encourages collaboration, but it also brings a lot more noise. Make sure that your user experience doesn’t suffer because of this. Having wireless, noise cancellation headsets are a great piece of technology that can help your sales reps. Double monitors and glass tables are also awesome as they are able to write notes on the table surface and look at multiple things on their computers.

4. Posting the inside sales reps scores is another way to encourage high performance, as most sales reps are competitive by nature. As they are driven by the need to pull ahead of everyone else, having the top earners broadcasted will paint a target on their back making others want to outperform them and the top earners wanting to keep their position.

5. Role playing sales situations every day during short meetings will also increase sales. Role playing scenarios have helped both seasoned and new reps. Talking about solutions and challenging the reps every day keep them sharp and on point with the skills they came with, and might even improve them!

Whatever you do to increase sales performance, keep in mind that to have a top inside sales team you need to keep up with the times and adapt as progress is made in the ever changing environment sales is.

What do you think? Are there are any other ways to boost sales performance that you’ve found within your own organization?

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