6 Ways Your Sales Reps and Pet Cat are More Alike Than You Think

If sales reps were classified as a certain animal it would be the cat.

Not a big cat, or king of the jungle cat, but the clever housecat that gives you those condescending looks until you pull out the tuna.

Cats are interesting creatures that know what they want, are patient, intelligent predators that go in for the kill.

Here are some other ways inside sales reps relate to our feline friends:

1. Finer Things: What sales rep or cat doesn’t want to have it all? They’re ambitious and will take whatever they think they can get away with; they don’t want just what you give them.

Case in point: that promotion at work. Sales reps will set their eyes on it even if they’re the newest recruit. Those older, more seasoned cats better watch out because some upstart might be gunning for the top spot on the cat tower.

2. Scaredy Cat: Cats and sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge, even if it could squish them. Rottweiler vs. a tiny kitten? Bring it.Even if intimidated, sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge and will tackle it head on if given the opportunity. Not much fazes them and they welcome something that offers a challenge and could be a potential game.

3. Worship Me: Cats think that they rule everything in the vicinity. If you’ve ever brought a kitten home it’s a given that shortly thereafter you discovered said kitten perched atop your brand new stereo system (and possibly shredding the speakers too).

They think they rule the world, and why not? They’re related to the king of the jungle and therefore are royalty to be treated with respect by lowly humans.

Sales reps are similar. They own that sales room and close the big business deals. They make commission and earn every penny of it by showing leads that your product is the best option for them. That “arrogance” is what makes them so good, so don’t go trying to stomp it out.

4. Ms. (or Mr.) Independent: Cats come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. But cats and successful sales reps share something in common. Their independence is strength. Sales reps can work alone and tirelessly on the phone and don’t need you watching over their shoulder to see if quota is being met (usually).

Their own independent nature and stubbornness at coming ahead is a plus. Much like the sales reps, Mr. Whiskers is no different. He is perfectly fine being left to his own devices for a while.

5. Stubborn Gamers: Fido isn’t the only one who understands the joy of the hunt – anyone who has owned a cat can tell you that. They refuse to give up. Kitties around the world have made it their personal mission to destroy the feather wands you like to tease them with.

Tying your shoe laces? Good luck deterring them, you’ll need it.

Cats make everything a game and are relentless when they have something set in their mind. The good news is sales reps have the same mentality, which is why gamifying work has proven so effective. That goal you set for them? They’ve got it covered and good luck telling them they can’t accomplish it.

6. Say What? Cats and sales reps alike have selective hearing. The hardworking sales rep just outside your office clearly didn’t hear you when you announced a company meeting for Friday. But when you mentioned the cash prize or a gift card for the top seller they visibly perked up.

The house cat is similar. They’ll ignore you if they feel like it until they hear you mention the one thing they love more than catnip. And believe me, they remember if you don’t follow through on what you just promised.

It’s fun thinking about how animal traits relate to people, especially in the workplace. Can you think of what animal relates to marketers? Or maybe you’ve thought of sales reps as a different furry friend. Share with us below what animal and why!

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Photo credit: By Eric Richardson (ericrichardson)

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