What Are The Best Gifts to Show Your Prospects That You Care?

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Playmakers, we need your help! We’re conducting research on what kind of gifts work best to engage with your prospects. There are not a lot of surveys out there available that show exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to high impact mailers. So, if you’ve been sending little gift cards to your prospects, take the survey and let us know! We will send you the result of the survey when it is complete, so you’ll have access to benchmark info from hundreds of other companies.

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We’ve been tracking high impact mailers (physical items you can send to prospects) for over a year. When looking at the market, it looks like most people are sending whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

There are different types of mailers and different uses case. Salespeople are often sending:

  • Printed cards or notes
  • Hand-written notes or cards
  • E-Gifts (email with code to redeem gift)
  • Gift cards
  • Gifts without your company branding
  • Gifts with your company branding

All of these are very effective and can be used to progress a sale or build a relationship.

I’ve now sent and tested hundreds of mailers (I’ll be publishing my findings over the coming months) but we need more information and that’s where you come in.

Let’s learn together. XANT Labs is performing a study on high impact mailers. The objectives are the following:

  • Understand how B2B companies are currently thinking about and using high impact mailers
  •  Determine why some B2B companies are not using high impact mailers
  •  Understand the opinions and perspectives of B2B leaders who receive (or might receive) high impact mailers

It’s going to be epic. We already have 200 companies but I want 1,000 and with your help I know we can do it. Take five minutes, take the survey and get ready to have some fun sending high impact mailers as part of the XANT product suite!

You can take our survey here: https://bit.ly/highimpactmailer

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