Playmakers versus Traditional Sales Reps – The G Show 3

If you’re following the XANT Playmakers Podcast and read our Sales Insider blog, you probably have heard us talk a lot about “Playmakers”. Without a solid definition, we know all this is lost on you. So, here’s our take on playmakers versus traditional sales reps.

Playmakers versus Traditional Sales Reps

Playmakers wage war against traditional sales and they always come out on top. They don’t use their gut and intution, they sell using science, data and testing.

Playmakers ask for forgiveness, they don’t ask for permission.

They don’t oversell and under-deliver. They over-sell and over-deliver.

Their middle name is Value. Playmakers are doers, not talkers.

They are real people who have overcome real problems, to achieve greatness.

The Playmakers Mantras

Here’s a few mantras for becoming a playmaker:

Playmakers test, others guess.
Playmakers use science, others just use their gut.
They have a playbook, others throw Hail Mary’s.
Playmakers are CEO’s of their territory, while you are others assigned to one.
They do whatever it takes – others just do your best.
Playmakers change the world, while you just change your pay.

The G Show is Gabe Larsen’s weekly show about the sales industry. We post short videos weekly to give you the scoop on what’s happening in the sales industry, and what strategies sales reps are using to reach their numbers.

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