Build a Successful Inside Sales Team: 15 Time-Wasters to Avoid

Everyone knows that technology increases productivity. This idea is something XANT has taken to heart in designing our hosted CRM and dialer – we see the value and the returns that can be generated from increasing productivity. It can’t be ignored, though, that some inefficiencies aren’t quite within the reach of technological fixes. Below are 15 time-wasters Ken Krogue has discovered while observing inside sales teams.

15 Time-Wasters

#1: Poor Sales and Marketing Strategy
#2: Poor Hiring
#3: Poor Performance Management
#4: Low Levels of Motivation
#5: Poor Lead Generation Resources
#6: Slow Response to Lead Inquiries
#7: Too Few Attempts to Contact Leads
#8: Dialing Time, Busies, No Answers, Bad Numbers
#9: Voicemail and Answering Machines
#10: Poor Training, Coaching or Mentoring
#11: Poor Sales Management Processes
#12: Poor Lead Management Processes
#13: Fulfillment Overhead—Emails, Mailers, Faxes, and Proposals
#14: Taking Too Many Notes
#15: Not Knowing Your Wins and Losses (Reporting, Analysis, Post-Mortem)

This list was generated from the result of many studies of inside sales departments since 2005. To fix these common inefficiencies, take a look at the potential problem areas in your company. For specific tips and best practices check out this detailed, seven-page white paper where you will find each time-waster identified with a best practice to eliminate the problems.

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