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SEO will be dead in two years. Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of XANT, recently predicted it in a recent blog post of his own. He’s not the only one, either. Other SEO experts have said the same thing. What can you do to ensure a high rank in Google? The key to building an organic ranking in a search engine is by creating an influential presence on social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) with quality content that is relative to your target audience.

Of course you shouldn’t put your eggs all in one basket – that would be crazy. But social media is becoming more and more valuable in terms of building an organic ranking in Google. To prove my point, check out this blog post by Ken Krogue on the subject. Below are Ken’s first two tips – the rest will be on subsequent posts.

The most important thing to keep in mind when building a social media strategy is if you don’t do it right, you’re wasting a lot of time. Start on the right foot by grabbing your real name on every social media platform before someone else does (i.e. LinkedIn, Blog, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Klout). In the past, it’s been popular to use a “handle” or other name but why wouldn’t you want people to know who you really are in the world of sales or marketing? You wouldn’t. This is one method you can use to climb the trust ladder. If your name is already taken, make a niche showcasing your expertise to add to the end of your name. For example, if JohnSmith was already taken maybe use something like JohnSmithExplorer. That way, at least people will know what industry you work in.

After creating your niche, start building your personal brand within your target audience. Ask yourself three questions: What do you love to do? What are you the best at doing? What can you make money at? This will allow you to define the type of quality content you will share to help you build credibility within the industry.

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