inside sales script best practicesMaking that first call on a hot lead is huge. It can make or break a sale. Ken Krogue, our President and co-founder with over 20 years of experience in the industry, thinks it’s so important that he spoke for an hour about it in our weekly company meeting. Below is his six step sequence to make sure you nail the first call.

Step 1: The Opening – This is where you introduce yourself, where you’re calling from, and why you’re calling. Reinforce what the lead expressed interest in.

Step 2: The Trust Ladder – In this step, you start as high up as you can on the trust ladder. (For an in-depth discussion, visit this previous blog.)

Step 3: Positioning – Where do you stand in the race? What does your company offer, and how is it different from competitors in your industry?

Step 4: Cool Feature and Key Benefit – What can you do and, more importantly, what can you do for me? It’s great if you can state a quantitative benefit.

Step 5: Proof Story – Why do you have credibility? What proof do you have that what you’re telling me is accurate? This is where you tell the success story of another customer.

Step 6: C2C (Commit to Continue) – Do you have time right now for me to show you how we can make your business more successful? Set the appointment as early as possible in order to maximize the percent of appointments held.

Here’s an example of a conversation you might hear from one of our reps held when calling new leads:

Hi! My name is Alex from XANT. I noticed that you requested we perform a ResponseAudit on your company. Ken Krogue asked me to contact you and share your results. As I’m sure you’re aware, we offer the leading software for immediate response for B2B companies. Our software allows you to call leads back in 9 to 15 seconds which increases your contact rates by 100 times across all your leads. I remember Dun & Bradstreet filled out a web form on our site and we called back within 9 second. They responded with, “Whatever you just did, I want to buy it!” As you can see this is a huge sales tool. Do you have time right now to go over your results with an available consultant and discuss how to improvement your response times?

Check out this cool infographic that shows the best practices for Lead Response Management.

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