How to Build a Winning Company Culture Based on Strong Values

Company cultureAt XANT, we cultivate a culture of growth and winning.

In our slower, earlier days, we were experiencing 40 percent to 50 percent annual growth. For the last three years, we have exceeded 100 percent growth year over year. Hyper growth is hard to accomplish, and even harder to maintain.

We do hard things, and we help our clients do hard things.

We celebrate our growth in every company meeting. All employees know exactly what our growth targets are and how they can help us achieve them.

We believe that as we grow our people, they grow the company.

We are different from everyone around us. We celebrate our uniqueness and our intensity with an audacious set of values that describe us to our team and the world.

XANT’s 7 Core Values:

1. Maniacal: We pursue winning with unbridled enthusiasm. Normal people don’t make history, so we laugh in the face of normalcy. We are so tenacious and relentless that sometimes it’s scary. And this makes us happier than a hound dog in a basement full of bacon.

2. Own It: If we find something broken, we fix it. We own problems until they are solved. We get things done. We execute to a plan. Our employees own a piece of our customers’ success. During our first five years, we held Tuesday Night Bug Sessions every week. The entire company would come together to test products, identify bugs and recommend improvements. We eventually added a quality assurance team to test for bugs, but our ownership mentality lives on.

3. Iterate: We test, improve, fail fast and learn. XANT has evolved and adapted many times since its inception in 2004. We test everything and use data to make decisions. We don’t fear failure because we accept it as an essential part of our culture that drives improvement and growth. Our motto is: Iterate or die.

4. Scrappy: We win by getting things done with grit and determination. We do things faster, better and at a lower cost so our owners, employees and customers always benefit. If you’ve ever seen the ‘80s movie “Over the Top” starring Sylvester Stallone, you probably remember the scene where a burly trucker guzzles motor oil. That’s a pretty good analogy for how we attack our work as well.

5. Blunt: We are open, honest and transparent. We refuse to play politics. We believe candor is a virtue. You know where you stand with us.

6. We Zig: If everyone goes one way, we go the other. We innovate, buck downward trends, ride upward trends, and love to do what can’t be done. Our favorite compliment is when a competitor copies what we do, which happens a lot.

7. Do Good: We choose to give back along the way. Our Do Good Foundation strives to do a lot of good in our own backyard. Through the foundation, we donate 1 percent of our revenue, 1 percent of our employees’ time, and 1 percent of our product to worthy local causes. This year we renovated a Boy Scout camp and turned it into a high-adventure destination for Utah’s youth and civic groups. We are a community making life better for one another and the world.

By design, XANT is not like any other company. Our culture is defined by our values. We’re proud of what we’ve built. If you share these values, we invite you to join us. Come help us change the way people sell.


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