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Dreamforce is less than four weeks away. The popular salesforce.com conference probably deserves its own countdown music. Lucky for you, we have something even better: links.

Here you’ll find all kinds of links that will help you get ready for Dreamforce.

This list highlights 11 insanely useful blog posts and guides. They include tips for attendees, tricks for vendors, restaurant recommendations, party info, nearby attractions and some deadly sins for newbies to avoid.

Whether it’s your first time attending or you’re a longtime Salesforce MVP, you should take some time out of your busy day to click on some of these links. ‘Cuz that’s what links are for.

Onward and upward, my friends, onward and upward …

1. 10 Tips for the Ultimate Dreamforce Experience

Bluewolf and Marketo created a video jam-packed with tips to help you make the most of your Dreamforce experience. We’ve embedded the YouTube video here, so there’s no need to click a link. Just watch and enjoy.

2. 11 Must-Read Dreamforce Tips

Salesforce MVPs share wisdom gained from their experiences at the conference over the years. Two interesting points: don’t overload your day, and leave time between sessions to network.

Get more tips here.

3. The First-Time Dreamforce Vendor Checklist

Harriet Brenner, VP of marketing at Astadia, draws on three years of history as a Dreamforce sponsor to provide a handy guide for new vendors. She points out that scheduling is crucial. “You need to have lots of booth coverage during the cocktail hours and not so much in the mornings,” she says.

See Harriet’s timely advice.

4. 17 Skills for Highly Effective Trade Show Events

In this article on Forbes, XANT Founder and President Ken Krogue reveals the skills that pay the bills. He explains the tactics that XANT used to set 1,057 appointments at Dreamforce before the show even started.

Feast your eyes on Forbes.

5. 5 Ways to Engage With Dreamforce Partners

Everybody who’s been to Dreamforce knows that one of the biggest challenges is focusing on the things that matter most. This post on the Salesforce blog provides practical advice for anybody who wants to engage with the right partners.

Partner up!

6. Dreamforce Guide

This handy online guide lists parties, restaurants, bars, activities and more that are near the Moscone Center.

See the guide here.

7. So you need to take your client out to drinks …

If you need to get your drink on — and our research suggests that many of you do — FirstRain has a nice roundup of local San Francisco watering holes.

Explore the bar scene.

8. Top 10 Things to Do Near Moscone

About.com shows you where to go and what to do if you’re looking for a little culture. Gardens, shopping, museums and art are all within reach.

Know before you go.

9. Events at DF13 You Should Probably Attend

Those wild and crazy folks at FirstRain are at it again. This time, they tell you about some of the must-see events during Dreamforce.

Party like it’s 2013!

10. 10 Things Not to Do at Dreamforce

Full disclosure: Unless somebody warns me about the things I should NOT do, there’s an 86 percent chance I will do them until they cause me great bodily harm. So, I’m thankful for entertaining and educational posts like this one from Appirio.

I’m particularly grateful for this little gem: “Don’t take a leisurely stroll through the Tenderloin.” That’s one mistake I’ll never make again. They wrote this post last year. But frankly, it’s timeless.

Keep yourself out of trouble.

11. The Gentleman’s Guide to Attending Dreamforce

Don’t let the gender reference in the title exclude you from this awesome post by MichaelForce.org. It tackles the finer points of Dreamforce etiquette, such as being polite to booth dwellers, regulating your alcohol consumption, and not hogging the aisle seats. It’s well worth your time.

Enjoy a quick, fun read. 

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