The Fitbit Model of Sales Acceleration

A couple of months ago, I interviewed branding and creative agencies. During one discussion, I shared our company’s 15489204048_c6dc6bfe7c_ovision: “We believe science holds the key to unlocking human potential.”

The agency asked how our vision is any different from Fitbit’s, the popular fitness tracker.

It isn’t. XANT’s predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine, Neuralytics, works strikingly similar to the way a Fitbit does. Not only does it display information on how users are performing, but it also prescribes new actions to improve performance.

Monitor activity

Everywhere we turn, we see companies like Nike and Under Armour offering sports equipment that feels more scientific. Athletes are being measured on every conceivable metric to boost their performance.

That trend is making its way to consumers in the form of wearable technology. Devices like Fitbit are designed to display information, such as how many steps we’re taking or how long we’ve slept.

Neuralytics acts the same way. It records and displays the daily activities of sales reps, allowing managers to see how many calls are made or emails sent.

Measure performance

Setting goals is crucial for performance measurement. Fitbit users decide how many steps they want to take in a day and measure their performance against that number.

The same holds true in sales. We often use KPIs to determine how well reps are performing. For example, reps could make 100 dials a day, but success is truly measured by contact rates and other actions that carry prospects through the sales cycle until close.

Motivate achievements

Fitbit allows its users to connect with friends, share their results, and see how they compare with one another. Group visibility inspires us to reach new levels of excellence.

XANT applied this principle in our PowerStandings application. PowerStandings makes the sales process visual, competitive and fun by motivating sales reps with game mechanics and public leaderboards.

Manage work style

Just as we want to know which of our physical activities burned the most calories, it’s important to know which sales activities produced the best results.

Currently, the XANT Labs are working on language analysis technology. We’re getting to the point where we can analyze the voice on a call, or the text of an email, and determine what actions or responses will stimulate the right behavior.

Modify behavior

Both Fitbit and XANT are meant to modify behavior. In Fitbit’s case, it’s to help people live a healthier lifestyle. At XANT, it’s to deliver more sales results and greater revenue.

As users set goals and track metrics, both Fitbit and Neuralytics will teach them which practices are working, allowing them to focus their energy on activities that have the highest chance of success.

Sales has always been a business that tracks its results, but it’s usually in the rearview mirror. By the time sales teams analyze information from last week, last month or last year, the data may already be outdated and irrelevant.

To counter that, Neuralytics acts like a Fitbit for your entire sales organization. It provides reps and managers with real-time, actionable insights that dramatically improve employee performance and results.

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