– 2 Books that Changed Everything I Know About Success

There are two books that have impacted my life in some truly significant ways. One of the books is “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo and the other is Llody C. Douglas’ “Magnificent Obsession.”

Both novels left a powerful impression on me with their message of the giving of one’s self to a cause and trying to do what is right.

At XANT we try to live by a similar principle. We call it the Do Good Foundation.

Modeled after Marc Benioff’s 1/1/1 Salesforce Foundation, we give one percent of employee time, equity, and product to charitable causes.

Right now we are helping the Boy Scouts of America, specifically the Utah National Parks Council. In the past we’ve assisted a local college, soup kitchens, community gardens and battered women and children shelter.

That one percent isn’t a lot for us, but for others it’s everything.

In my latest article I go in more depth about these great books and causes. Please take the time to read the column, here:

2 Books that Changed Everything I Know About Success: Les Miserables and Magnificent Obsession

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