– 5 Gamification Rules from the Grandfather of Gamification - 5 Gamification Rules from the Grandfather of GamificationKen Krogue was asked this week by his editor at, Tom Post, to write an article about gamification. This request could not have aligned more perfectly with some big announcements that XANT made yesterday with the launch of our own gamification product, PowerStandings. In his newest article on, Ken shares his experience of talking with Charles Coonradt, who Ken calls the grandfather of gamification.

Coonradt, in his book written in 1984, “The Game of Work,” created five gamification rules:

  1. Clearly defined goals
  2. Better scorekeeping and scorecards
  3. More frequent feedback
  4. A higher degree of personal choice or methods 
  5. Consistent coaching

It’s probably safe to say that Coonradt had little idea how pertinent these principles would be in today’s professional world. With World of Warcraft, Mario Brothers, Halo, and the Wii, the rising generation of new professionals is extremely interested in gaming for gaming sake. Coonradt definitely set the stage in teaching companies like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, ATT, Time Warner and many others how to game.

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5 Gamification Rules from the Grandfather of Gamification

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