Inside Sales Reps: Using YouTube as Another Tool

Using video is one of the strongest tools when it comes to helping prospects or clients  understand how your product works. Video allows for short, powerful demos highlighting the strengths of what your company does and how your products are a ‘must have.’ Not only can video educate, it can also lead to educated leads. There are many different video hosting sites; in my opinion the best place to put these videos is on YouTube.

While YouTube might be known for a place to watch random, funny videos, for your leads and clients it can be a place to also go to learn how your products can help them succeed. Sales reps just need to learn how to harness this power.

At XANT, we love to use YouTube. We’ve created Playlists with specific videos listed in them to help our clients, educate leads and make announcements.

• Product Tours are often times the most used playlists. Sales reps can create their own compilation of videos their company produces that highlight certain products. Many sales reps at use the playlists as quick guides for clients who need refresher courses for things they have forgotten, tools for the client’s new employees to learn from and sources for leads to learn more in depth about a specific product.

• Educational videos are great for ‘tire kickers’ who aren’t quite ready to buy, yet. These videos allow the leads to educate themselves further down the sales funnel. Videos in this category can range from fun, like “Joe the Salesman” to more information on the industry itself, “Intelligent Sales Technology.” Company history videos can also be uploaded as well as customer testimonials.

Customer Testimonial videos are a great way to build credibility with new leads. Our CEO is always telling us that, “People like to buy things from people!” These videos allow your customers to share what they’ve found useful from your company and why they’re happy with the service or product you provide.

• Special Announcements can also be posted on YouTube with messages coming directly from the executives of the company. Sales reps can them share these messages with clients, prospects, and leads by easily emailing a link to the video.

• Employee recruiting is another powerful way to use videos to help fill positions within a sales team. Sales reps can share videos with people they know and on social networks to educate prospective employees about what jobs are available and what the qualifications for the position are.

Video is one of the simplest and easiest tools out there to help sales reps with their clients and leads. Once sales reps have an organized compilation of videos to share with prospects, educating and helping them over the phone and email becomes simpler. Videos are simple to make, easy to upload and edit on YouTube.

What type of videos do you find that work for your company? Have you found some to be more effective them others?

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