– The Case for Startups Not Taking Venture Capital Too Early

New on - The Case for Startups Not Taking Venture Capital Too EarlyIt’s almost unheard of that when Dave Elkington and Ken Krogue set off to create the leading company in the inside sales space that they would do it without taking venture capital early on in the process. But that’s just how we do it here at XANT. We’re scrappy and get things done with that we have. We always have–and we always will.

In Ken Krogue’s more recent article, Ken shares the story of how XANT came to be. “We outgrew our competition while growing organically,” Ken said in the article. “We forced ourselves to run the tightest ship in our entire industry. We learned to out-innovate our tech competitors, to be data-driven, to make hard decisions, and to stay hungry. Because we had to.”

In fact, when the rest of the country was experiencing recession, XANT hardly noticed. Why? Because they were in control of their company and they were profitable.

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The Case for Startups Not Taking Venture Capital Too Early

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