The Top 5 Most Popular Sales Insider Articles for Inside Sales Professionals

With over 300 articles available on the Insider, we thought it could be helpful to highlight some of the most successful blogs we have published on various topics specific to the inside sales industry. These articles offer a variety of topics (i.e. best practices, industry highlights, sales tips, etc.) and drew the highest engagement of other articles.

Take a look at the most interactive, helpful articles for members of the inside sales industry and a brief summary of each:

1. The Most Important Interview Question Never Asked
by Dave Elkington

Our CEO, Dave Elkington, personally interviews every single job prospect before they are extended a job offer. With that said, Dave knows a thing or two about conducting an interview and what questions lead to the most telling answers. Looking into the question, “What is it that you are looking for in your next job,” Dave breaks down what each possible response means and if that candidate will be a good fit for your organization. While there is no wrong answer, you might be surprised with the accurate insight these responses provide! This article was also published on Check it out here.

2. Building a High Velocity Sales Team with Strategic Positioning (Part 1)
by Alex Orton

Originally posted just a few months ago, this article is the first in a 5-part webinar series showcasing the best practices to building a high velocity sales team, conducted by Ken Krogue. The article focuses on what Ken learned from the 2007 founding case study and shares six key questions to ask yourself when beginning to build a strategic position. Check out the original webinar here.

3. Inside Sales Best Practices: No Fancy Emails
by Ken Krogue

In this oldie-but-goodie, Ken shares his best practices in increasing email open rates. The main point? Direct, short emails are more likely to be opened. Ken also discusses an in-house study that compared the effectiveness of “fancy emails” with graphics and HTML design versus the simple counter-part. You might be surprised which format wins – every time.

4. How to Close Sales: 6 Annoying Sales Tactics to Avoid
by Jessica Winn

Frequently we go out and comb LinkedIn discussion boards to see what people out in the industry are talking about. This technique provides us with some really great blog ideas! While combing through one particular group, we discovered six sales faux pas that have caused some changes in sales strategy including spamming, insulting intelligence, the use of closing scripts, etc.

5. How to Sell More as an Inside Sales Rep: Listen!
by Alex Orton

Too often sales people are so pushy they rarely take a step back and actually listen to what their prospect is telling them! Well, in order to be successful, that’s exactly what’s required. This article directs sales people to some great resources from Ken Krogue for learning how to write a killer inside sales script.

There you have it; the most interactive articles on the Sales Insider. What articles have you enjoyed? Is there a topic you have a question about that we haven’t covered? Leave a comment in the comment box below with your idea and we’ll write an article about it!

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