How To Maximize Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation – New Webinar

Ken Krogue, President and co-Founder of XANT, along with Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-Founder of Marketo, joined forces in a webinar (recorded July 18, 2012) to highlight a number of high-value best practices for marketing and sales professionals who want to accommodate the change in buyer behavior.

Buyer behavior has shifted as society has moved from an age of information scarcity to an age of information abundance – think corporate web sites, blogs, online reviews, social networks, and YouTube. The list goes on.  Marketing and sales professionals who want to maximize overall company revenue need to consider how they filter, nurture, hand-off and respond to modern-day, Internet-generated leads.

And yes, it is a group effort!

The webinar will be delivered as an eBook later this month (reserve your copy here).

The Ultimate Revenue Engine: Maximizing Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation

The Ultimate Revenue webinar features several best practices from both Jon Miller and Ken Krogue  including:

  • Why and how to filter “nurture” leads from “win ready” leads
  • Best practices for nurturing leads
  • How to effectively score leads
  • Why rapid lead response by sales matters
  • Seven rules to increase contact ratios

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The Ultimate Revenue Engine

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