Infographic: The State of AI 2017 – Are We Friends or Foe?

Inc. Magazine called 2017 the “year of AI”, and most major brands have begun fighting to enter the space. It looks like AI is here to stay and it’s shaping the way we live and work. There’s a lot of concern about the changes that AI brings, and some are debating whether artificial intelligence is our friend or foe. 

The truth is, AI responds to human programming – it can be our friend or foe, based on how we use it. At XANT, we believe AI is the future. We should advantage of its immense processing power to significantly improve business outcomes and make our jobs easier.

To better understand the public perception of today’s most disruptive technology, XANT conducted the research “State of A.I. 2017.”

The research focuses on 1,985 people from a variety of backgrounds and locations in the US. It gives us a glimpse of what the attitudes are towards AI and what people’s expectations are of this emerging technology. 

Download the “State of A.I. 2017” study to understand:

  • How consumers view artificial intelligence at home and at work
  • What the future will look like with artificial intelligence
  • What artificial intelligence brands to consumers trust the most



OR, you can click here to download the full resolution version of this infographic.


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