Inside Sales Announces BDR and Marketing Certification Training

BDR and Marketing Certification TrainingAs the leader in sales automation and lead management software, XANT knows a thing or two about training top performing sales reps.

XANT has some of the best marketing and outbound BDR reps in the world. Our team is consistently reaching a 92% contact rate, and our marketing team continually fuels a sales team that has tripled in size in the last eight months.

Both of these metrics are definitely not easy tasks. To help these industries learn our best practices and secrets to success, we’re opening our doors and offering two new certified training courses to learn how you can do the same.

The first Certified XANT Business Development Rep (CIBDR) Training Course will be held December 10-11, and Certified XANT Marketer (CIM) Training Course will be held December 26-28. Both courses will take place at the XANT corporate office in Provo, Utah.

Why should you attend?

The CIBDR Training Course will help you drive your own team’s efficiency in lead generation, qualification, nurturing and commit–to–continue strategies. On top of learning how to be an outbound business development pro, sales managers/reps and sales ops managers will learn:

  • The 1st call sequence;
  • How to combine BDR training, motivation, and visibility for results;
  • How to mentor and coach new BDR’s to the point of rivaling your top reps;
  • Best practices to tee up the best leads and lists for your team.

On the other side of the pipeline, the CIM Training Course provides best practices on building better content, lead generation, demand, and becoming more aligned with inside sales teams. During the course you will learn valuable information such as:

  • How to become trusted leaders with research-based content;
  • Landing page alignment and PPC secrets, with a conversion design;
  • Innovative tactics to fill the sales funnel with leads and lists;
  • How to generate leads from events and webinars before they start.

Additionally, the course will offer best practices to  take full advantage of social media and how to target your audience strategically (whether B2B or complex B2C)

You don’t want to miss out on these live training courses or the Utah snow (we’ve already had some great snow fall in the mountains!) Register for the certification courses now and reserve your spot.

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