Kicking Off the Playmaker Podcast

*This was originally called the Sales Acceleration Podcast but was renamed to the Playmaker Podcast.

There are a lot of buzzwords in the sales acceleration space: big data, gamification, social selling, etc. Although we may use these terms not everybody understands what we are referring to. In this episode, we define what Sales Acceleration means and discuss important topics that will be addressed on this show around the areas of Demand Generation, Sales, and Sales Operations.

Definition of Sales Acceleration
Marketing and marketing automation owns the idea of generating leads and lists. CRM’s own the opportunities and the idea of closing deals. Sales Acceleration increases the velocity of your sales process.

Demand Generation
Key topics we’ll discuss in this show around demand generation include: Generating leads and lists, building a content strategy, developing offers, scoring prospects, and building campaigns.

Key topics we’ll discuss in this show around sales include: sales structure, hiring, prioritization, cadence, motivation, pipeline management and forecasting.

Sales Operations
Key topics we’ll discuss in this show around sales include: compensation, sales, process, territory management, sales acceleration technology.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What is the sales acceleration podcast
  • What topics will be discussed
  • Why our podcast is better than any other podcast ever created

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