PowerDialer for Salesforce Customer Reviews on New AppExchange

Check out PowerDailer for Salesforce in the new AppExchangePowerDialer for Salesforce™, the most heavily downloaded dialer app on the Salesforce® AppExchange, has gained popularity because of its ease of use, ability to increase contact rates and the fact that it supports the native Salesforce reporting environment.

But don’t take our word for it. Our reviews in the AppExchange speak for themselves.

8/15/2012 – 200% Increase in Meetings

XANT PowerDialer is a must have for any company that makes phone calls! Our company went from making 30 calls/day/rep to 75+ and on the way to 100 to 125+/day,” said Chad Burmeister, Director of Corporate Sales for ON24. “Contact rates went up over 100%, meetings booked for sales up 200%, and the list goes on. There is no other application on the market that is anywhere close to XANT. Part of the secret sauce is LocalPresence™. LocalPresence gives your reps a local area code to dial out from for every call. The other part is years of data/analysis against literally millions of records. XANT can tell you, for your business, the best days of the week to call, the best time of day, how many times to call leads, and much more. Results guaranteed!

6/15/2012 – Cold Calling Made Easy!

“As an IT Manager who has implemented XANT’s PowerDialer into our Salesforce environment, I must say that this application is awesome!! It was very simple to install, easy to administer and contains useful features like: Domino lists, one-click voicemail, Seek Lists and so much more,” said Suresh Sundar, from Mercury Solar Systems. “Upper management is very pleased and our outbound callers work more efficiently by being able to qualify and reach more leads. The PowerDialer team also offers an initial end-user training which has been a helpful component in gaining further understanding of the full capabilities this application allows. This is definitely a five-star application in my book!”

2/16/2012 – 100-125% Return on Investment

“Since its installation, our dials have increased 100-125% daily compared to manual dialing,” said Jared Chesnut, former VP of Sales for Miniter Group and a PowerDialer for Salesforce customer. “To summarize, we saw an ROI of 100-125% by ‘adding’ 1.5 FTEs. We reworked our commission plans to accommodate for higher dials and more set-appointments. My calendar went from 1-3 product demonstrations per week to 3-6 demos.”

2/14/2012 – Love it!

“Can’t say enough about the product and support team behind Power Dialer at XANT. As a salesforce.com user for years, we researched and found the PowerDialer app to be just what we need. We are now cranking out 4 times the outbound calls we used to – and the ability to do so, without a misdial, and with the option of prerecorded voice mails and emails – make this a no brainer,” said Ed Bazel, CEO of The Bazel Group, Inc. and a PowerDialer for SalesFoce customer. “We are sold on PowerDialer and might be calling you with it soon!”

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