The Three Enduring Sales Principles With Joe Haynie At JCI (PODCAST)

Everyone has done their fair share of selling, but few have taken steps to learn the recipe for a successful sales career. Joe Haynie from JCI talks about the sales principles that guided his career and molden him into the sales leader he is today.

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In this article:

  1. Focus on What Your Customer Needs
  2. Value, Not Features
  3. Choose Your Altitude Through Your Attitude

How to Increase Sales | 3 Sales Principles That Can Help Boost Sales

Joe Haynie is the General Manager at Sensormatic (NYSE: JCI) and has been in the sales business for over 40 years. These are the three sales principles that guided him throughout his long career.

1. Focus on What Your Customer Needs

Focusing on the customer is the start of a successful sales career. Go above and beyond what you need and talk to your customers.

The more customers you help succeed, the more you’ll succeed personally.

2. Value, Not Features

Cheerful positive businessman closing a deal | The Three Enduring Sales Principles with Joe Haynie at JCI (PODCAST) | decision-making process

Your product or service has a set of cool stuff. You’ve got all these cool things you’re happy and excited to share with people.

The bad news is that the customer doesn’t care. You should then show what value and benefit you bring to them.

All they care about is “How is this going to help me?” when you present your product or service.

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3. Choose Your Altitude Through Your Attitude

Choose your own altitude by your attitude. You have the choice to separate your difficult experience from your response to that experience.

How you respond to all the challenges you face makes all the difference between a success and a failure.

Keep these sales principles in mind and expect a great journey to a successful sales career ahead of you. We’re looking forward to having Joe Haynie again to explain these principles in more detail in a future podcast.

What are the core principles of selling you keep in mind in your career? Let us know in the comments section below.


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