Sell Smarter, Faster, More and Now Anywhere

Mobile NowThe XANT sales acceleration platform can help you sell smarter, faster, more and anywhere.

At Dreamforce 2015, we will be unveiling new mobile capabilities that enhance the world’s leading sales acceleration technology.

Sell smarter

Sales reps spend 68% of their time researching and preparing for calls – not actually selling. So, it’s really no wonder that only about half of a company’s reps will make quota.

Without a reliable way to separate your best leads from your worst leads, reps will spread their effort across all leads equally.

But your best leads close 10x more often than your worst leads. XANT self-learning engine, Neuralytics, identifies your best leads and tells you the best time to contact them for maximum results.

Sell faster

Want to hear something scary? We audited every company attending Dreamforce and tested their lead response times.

Of 6,434 total audits, here were the results:

  • 55 responded within 5 minutes.
  • 61 responded in under 10 minutes.
  • 255 responded in under 1 hour.
  • 390 responded in under 24 hours.
  • All the rest took more than 24 hours or never responded at all.

Neuralytics plugs directly into the two activities used most often by sales reps — phone calls and emails — making power tools like PowerDialer and Vision more effective. By prescribing the right activities, in the right sequence, and in the right quantity, Neuralytics helps reps talk to more of the right people in less time — ultimately increasing revenue.

Sell more

Get the most out of your reps’ efforts by understanding which deals you can win, and even better, which deals are going to close in this quarter. With Neuralytics, combined with your company’s own data, we can give you the prescriptive insights to help you understand where and how to focus your time.

Have you ever had to manage a pipeline? It’s not fun or easy, is it? That’s a lot of hours that you’re not selling.

How do you know what number you’re actually going to hit? Managing a pipeline and putting together a reliable forecast is one of the most difficult aspects of managing a sales organization.

Forget the days when you began each quarter with naïve optimism and just hoped you’d hit your numbers. Instead, get a bullet-proof, reliable forecast for how each deal in your pipeline is going to perform, and how that rolls up to impact your total number every quarter.

Sell from anywhere

In today’s world, reps aren’t sitting at their computers making calls all day.

Whether they’re traveling to accounts across the world or just squeezing in extra time at the beginning and end of the day, XANT Mobile Now brings all the sales acceleration tools to your reps, directly on their mobile devices.

  • Notifies reps instantly of changes to account and contact scoring.
  • Instantly engage contacts via phone, email or text directly from the app.
  • Monitor email and web engagement.
  • Stay engaged and motivated with gamification.

To learn more about how sales acceleration technology can improve your sales performance, get the free ebook below. 

The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

Free eBook: The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. That means inbound reps waste a lot of time chasing the wrong leads.

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