The 5 Essential Components of an Inside Sales Rep

You think you have it down when it comes to inside sales, but do you know the true essentials to being a stellar inside sales rep?

Knowing your company’s products, purpose and mission statement will help you when you first start off as an inside sales rep, but you need more than that. When it comes to inside sales, you need to have developed five key components to really rock the scoreboard.

1. Initiative – If you don’t possess this already, then develop it fast. You can’t wait for every lead to come to you. You’re going to have to pick up the phone and make some effort to call people who have submitted web forms or call someone that a client has recommended. Dig down deep for those guts we know you have and pick up the phone! Be the go-getter who closes the big deals and don’t be afraid to be the first one to reach out.

2. Persistence – If there’s one thing you need in the sales world its persistence. Being able to continually reach out to busy decision makers is key to being successful in inside sales. Be organized and know when you’re going to be calling people back. This will benefit you tremendously. It doesn’t just apply to calling people back either, make sure to follow up with emails and even faxes if necessary.

3. Consistency – Keep your promises and call/email/fax people back when you say you will. Be reliable and consistent with your dealings with prospective clients. It not only reflects back on you, but also the company you work for. You’re possibly the first person they’ve talked to from your company and acting like an unreliable, inconsistent flake will do you no favors. It also won’t make your employers look good.

4. Quality Product – This might look like it’s out of your control, but it’s not. When looking for a job as an inside sales rep, make sure you believe in the product you’re selling. Representing a quality product is essential to doing well in the long run.

5. Personality – This is something some people are born with and others have to develop. Either way, you need to have the personality to interact with others on the phone and make the sale. To make a sale it takes persuasion, conviction and a certain amount of pressure. For some it’s a gift, for others it’s something they have to learn and make a part of their nature.

In the world of inside sales, having these five components will help you reach quota and do better in sales. Some you might already be good at, while others you’ll find yourself struggling with as you try to master how to develop and find these five elements of a successful inside sales rep.

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