Want to Sell More? Have More Conversations

Sales will always be a numbers game. The only way to increase your numbers is to increase the sales conversations that you are having with your prospects.

XANT technology can boost your sales results by up to 30 percent. But that’s only if you are committed to ensuring the sales process transformation that is vital for your team to perform.

Technology Is Only As Good As How You Use It

I wrote an article in Forbes magazine recently which showed how this technology was implemented in a major telecommunications company.

The company wanted to do their own training and run the system their own way. So we delivered the system, assisted with initial set up, and got out of their way.

What ensued was a lesson for both them and us.

We recorded their efforts and results before our technology as a baseline snapshot and in 90 days went back and measured again. In the baseline, we could see the company was averaging 22 calls per day, per rep. Ninety days later, despite having our technology, their results had not changed – still 22 calls per day.

More Sales Conversations Trumps ‘Better’ Conversations

What we found out was suprising. Leadership wasn’t really interested in having ‘more’ conversations. They were going for ‘better’ conversations.

But that’s a term with a really elusive definition. There’s not much that can gauge the ‘quality’ of your conversation, rather than – did your deal close, or not?

Our research has shown that by minimizing the time your reps spend researching and having them focus on selling – you can increase your revenue performance. And technology can certainly help with that – but only if you are ready to implement and adopt it.

OK, deep breath and repeat one more time: the only time you are increasing results, revenue, and income is when you are having more sales conversations.

Read the Forbes article to understand how you can:

  • Remove time-wasters from your team’s activities
  • Ensure the digital transformation that will prep your team for success
  • Use technology to boost your sales results up to 30 percent.

I’m always looking for the gold nuggets of information or research that can help your company succeed.

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