– What C-level Executives Shouldn’t Ignore: 5 Disruptive Essentials of a High Velocity Sales Model

One Thing New Hires Can Do that Others Can’t -

Market consultants and industry thought leaders are now starting to tell CEOs and EVPs that if their current sales leadership can not get their minds around the new High Velocity Sales Model, new people may need to be hired into the organization who can.

Don’t fear the future! Become a part of it. It’s not as scary as you might think. Start small: Carve out a small group within your sales organization as your test case. Educate yourself on the concepts, methods and processes ascribed to the new high velocity sales model, and then begin to apply some or all elements of this model to your test team.

Start here, by reading the full story on the 5 key practices for creating a high velocity sales model in your organization.

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