XANT Experiencing Unprecedented Growth Despite Slow Recovery of U.S. Job Market

The United States job market “seems to be stuck in second gear,” the Wall Street Journal recently reported. Recovery has been long and slow, leaving many Americans without work, or at least without decent paying work.

While the numbers do seem to be getting better, the Wall Street Journal reports they’re not as promising as one might be led to believe. According to the Labor Department, employers added 169,000 jobs in August and 79,000 in June and July combined. However, most of the jobs being added are in low-paying sectors like retail and restaurants, according to the Wall Street Journal’s article.

XANT Hiring Hundreds of Professionals

Fortunately, XANT, a high-tech software company based in Provo, Utah, is not following the trend the rest of the country seems to be stuck in. It is experiencing rapid growth and hiring dozens for professional, full-time jobs.

XANT has grown from 120 full-time employees to nearly 300 in the past 12 months and plans to reach 400 by the end of 2013, with about 50 hired in September alone.

The positions aren’t like most of the jobs being added to the U.S. job market, low-paying service positions; XANT is hiring senior-level management, engineers, marketing specialists, sales representatives and other professionals–all full-time. Plus, employees have opportunity for fast advancement within the high-growth company.

Opportunities For Employee Growth

Recently, XANT was featured in BusinessQ magazine’s Best Company to Work For (Quality of Work) article for the opportunities it presents its young employees. Some employees are managing teams after only 6 to 8 months with the company.

“You see people who are working hard move to where they want to be fast. It motivates you to work harder because you know it will pay off,” XANT business development representative, Morgan Lyman, said.

InsideSale.com HR manager, Dustin Fuller, said the company worked with what it had during the its first major growth phase. People who were willing to step up were given more responsibilities. “Now, we actively screen for people who have that energy and drive. We are looking for people who are technologically savvy and willing to learn and accept new things,” Fuller said.

Energetic, Fast-Paced Culture

Business development representative, James McAllister, said his department frequently holds competitions to motivate reps. “Our team recently won one of these competitions and went to celebrate at Tucano’s Brazilian Grill — on company budget,” he said. “Some of my favorite bonding moments with the people I work with on a daily basis took place that day.”

Lyman describes another experience with the BDR team. “Our CEO and our vice president of sales came into the room with our team and opened a briefcase full of cash,” Lyman said. “They offered us cash as an incentive for hitting quota. Some of us walked away with a lot of money that day, and we all left with a really fun memory.”

These stories only touch the surface of the culture at XANT. Enterprise implementation manager, Dave Draper said, “The culture here is ambitious and very goal-driven but close-knit as well. We know people from all departments, and we do things outside of work together. We have poker nights. We play softball. We’ve gone to Lagoon. So, while we get a lot done at work, that isn’t all there is to our relationships.”

“We have a very energetic, fast-paced culture.  The opportunities for advancement are high, so we tend to attract very driven people. Our employees are eager to work hard and succeed, and that is apparent in our culture,” said education specialist, Tori Ackerman.

XANT recently brought on former Citrix global vice president of integrated marketing and strategy, Mick Hollison, as its CMO.

“I joined XANT because it is at the intersection of the fastest growing areas of high-tech – where marketing meets sales and where sales meets science,” Hollison said. “Our data scientists are delivering breakthrough innovation in predictive analytics and data visualization that are changing the very nature of sales.  I couldn’t be more excited about joining the ‘Silicon Slopes’ movement and the great team at XANT.”

Grow the People, They Grow the Company

XANT is also increasing pay and benefits for employees and is constantly offering training, including one of the most comprehensive on-boarding programs in the industry that introduces new employees to the company and product.

“We have learned that if we grow the people, they will grow the company. Generals are made during times of war, and we are presenting battlefield promotions everyday,” said Ken Krogue, president and founder of XANT. “Our hyper-growth has allowed us to dramatically improve our employee benefits, and we are increasing them again. We also invest in our employees with stock options, so everybody is an owner.”

Refer A Friend, It Pays, Literally

Smart, motivated people generally associate with other smart, motivated people. That’s one reason InsideSale.com encourages employee referal. The company also wants to foster a close-knit environment among employees. If someone refers a friend, chances are, they’re going to enjoy working with that person.

To increase referrals, XANT gives employees a $200 bonus for every individual they refer who is hired.  During August and September, employees were given a $1,000 bonus for every business development representative they referred who was hired.

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