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InsideSales MobileSales Acceleration Leader Is Bringing the Power of Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Tools to Field Sales Teams on Smartphones and Wearables

Today, XANT, the leading cloud-based sales acceleration platform, announced a new mobile solution which extends the company’s sales acceleration solutions to mobile and wearable devices like Apple Watch to help improve mobility and productivity for field sales organizations. XANT will demonstrate a tech preview of this technology at Dreamforce 2015 next month in San Francisco.

InsideSales Mobile was built with the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, an agile platform that provides enterprise developers with sample code, documentation, demos and reference apps for a variety of wearable devices.

InsideSales Mobile brings the Insidesales.com Neuralytics® platform directly to the field rep through predictive notifications, prescriptive recommendations, and automatic logging of sales activities in a company’s Salesforce Sales Cloud environment. InsideSales Mobile will deliver this sales acceleration power directly to a variety of mobile and wearable devices.

InsideSales Mobile solves some important challenges for both managers and reps in a field sales organization. The field organization is faced with many of the same fundamental problems as the inside sales team: identifying top opportunities, staying top of mind with prospects through time-relevant actions, and then logging it all in the CRM. XANT uses a “notify, act, record” framework to deliver a compelling and relevant product to the field sales organization.

NOTIFY: InsideSales Mobile helps improve rep productivity and effectiveness by serving up predictive alerts and prescriptive actions in a single, integrated feed, and accelerating sales through one-click actions for sales activities. For example, reps will receive alerts when deals in the pipeline shift or when prospects and clients interact with an email message or the company’s website, or when another member of the rep’s team passed them on a leaderboard.

ACT: More than just notifications, each alert uses the power of Neuralytics to prescribe the best next steps to improve the likelihood of closing business – whether it’s to make a call, to send an email, or to book a meeting. In most instances, the rep can take action on each prescription with a single-click or touch.

RECORD: Finally, by automatically recording sales interactions and activities into Salesforce, InsideSales Mobile helps improve visibility for managers and sales operational teams.

“InsideSales Mobile extends the proven sales acceleration technologies for the inside sales team out to the field,” said Jared Haleck, Vice President of Product at XANT. “While many of the problems we solve are the same, we had to reimagine the delivery mechanism beyond just mobile. Every capability needed to be contextually relevant in order to capture the mind share of a busy field rep. Driven by our core predictive technology called Neuralytics, InsideSales Mobile provides reps with actionable suggestions and insights for the best time, place, method and approach they should use to successfully engage with their prospects.”

InsideSales Mobile is being initially developed for the iOS platform, with support for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, as well as wearables support for the Apple Watch.

If you’re interested in seeing InsideSales Mobile, stop by the XANT booth in the N1409 at Dreamforce. Or click here to apply to participate in our limited tech preview.

Salesforce Wear Developer Pack

The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack speeds development and helps companies connect with customers like never before by providing implementations and typical patterns for enterprise authentication, Salesforce API notifications, and working with Salesforce Mobile SDK response objects. Salesforce Wear was introduced in 2014 and supports development for Apple Watch and other wearables like Android Wear, ARM, Epson Moverio, Fitbit, Google Glass, Jawbone UP, Meta Glasses, Myo from Thalmic, Nymi from Bionym, Oculus Rift, OMSignal, Pebble, Philips, Samsung Gear II and Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses.

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