XANT Employees Support Worthy Causes Through Do Good Foundation

At a company meeting earlier this year, XANT CEO Dave Elkington made a point in classic Dave Elkington fashion.

“I don’t care if you never use any of your time off,” Elkington said, “but if you want to be a part of this company’s culture, you’d better use your Do Good day.”

This year, every XANT employee has the opportunity to spend eight hours serving a worthy cause through the company’s Do Good Foundation.

Employees have volunteered for dozens of local organizations, including schools, Boy Scout groups, food banks, museums and medical charities.

Traditionally, the company has selected a few major service projects each year. In addition to these company-sponsored group projects, this year XANT has allowed individual employees to choose the causes closest to their hearts.

This has empowered employees to serve a wider range of groups that provide much-needed support, education and inspiration to children, the disadvantaged and the community at large.

Doing good in all kinds of ways

Here’s a sampling of the service projects our employees have devoted time to this year:

Hunger relief

Do Good Day

Steve Frame, a sales trainer with 24 years of experience and an unmistakable cowboy drawl, roped his 100% willing teenage sons into lending a hand.

Steve and his boys, Dylan, 16, and Gage, 15, made two early-morning trips to volunteer at the Deseret Meat Plant in Spanish Fork, Utah, where they packed 465 slabs of beef and 950 hamburger tubes for hungry families. Just call Steve the Hamburger Helper.

Special Olympics

Do Good Day

Several members of the marketing team volunteered at the Special Olympics Summer Games in June, ensuring the Track & Field Awards ceremonies went off without a hitch.

Cultural enlightenment

Do Good Day

Of course, the XANT writing crew felt obligated to do something artsy. So, we loaded up the Winnebago with the Scooby-Doo decals and headed to Salt Lake City’s famous Leonardo museum.

The museum asked us to string up hundreds of paper cranes containing elementary school students’ handwritten goals.

We even won a bet with one of the organizers, who was astounded to learn that a “gaggle” of cranes is actually called a “siege.” She probably won’t be challenging us to any Scrabble matches anytime soon.

The XANT Do Good Foundation is patterned after the Salesforce Foundation and uses a 1-1-1 model, donating 1 percent of revenue, 1 percent of product and 1 percent of employee time to worthy causes.

You can learn more about the Do Good Foundation here.

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