I’m Often Asked, “What is the Real Increase in Productivity Gained by Using our Power Dialer?

I was just asked again a question I get a lot. This comes from my friend Gail Milton, of The Bridge Group, Inc., “Do you have metric for the increase in productivity gained by using your power dialer?”

Here is my response:


Thank you for thinking of us. As you know, we love research and I’m happy to share what we have:

1- The average inside sales rep makes 38 calls a day (your data I believe,) we help reps make 200-250 calls a day. Our internal lead gen reps make as much as 350 calls a day but that is all they do. We call them ‘Specialists’. Generalist reps who generate and close their own leads typically use us in ‘spurts’ where they will use the dialer for 1-2 days to book the following week with appointments or they use us for just a few hours a day. Their optimal rate seems about 130-170 calls a day in this mode, but they don’t do it day in and day out.

2- The average company responds to a web lead in 46 hours, we can help them respond in 9 to 30 seconds (depending on if there is enough reps to take leads.) This increases the average contact rate by about 700%.

3- The average sales rep only makes 1.2 calls to respond to a web lead, and only contacts 27% of leads. The PowerDialer can be set to drive as many repeat attempts as needed. We recommend 8-12 attempts before setting it to an ongoing lead nurturing model. We contact between 87% and 92% of all contactable leads. That is a 3.5x increase in leads actually contacted. Sort of common sense, eh?

4- Our Local Presence technology that lets people call from a local line in every local market increases call answer rates by 80 to 400% depending on B2B/B2C and industry.

What does all that mean? We don’t like to overpromise. In the real world we see increases of between 70% and 250% in overall net sales results. We have actually tripled overall net results even against traditional predictive dialers in as few as three weeks. Other times, in more ‘telemarketing’ environments, the old predictive dialers will beat us.

Our CRM solution by itself without all the ‘power tools’ is between 15% and 30% in increased results over not having one at all.

Does that help?


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