Lead Generation: Google PPC Drone Advertising

The male drone ant lives roughly 45 days. His only objective is to find princesses and reproduce.

Google PPC Drone Advertising’s only objective is to find short-term advertising princesses and produce results.

Most companies launch long-term Google PPC campaigns, manage bid amounts, perform AdWords keyword research, tune landing pages, tweak wording and capture leads. This strategy works well for core keywords and phrases.

Contrast that with Google PPC Drone Advertising.

Google PPC Drone Advertising focuses on a specific short-term target for highly productive results. Keyword analysis will show low competition, low cost, a low number of searches (ideally the number of searches would be high) – a Google Princess. The leads you get will be targeted and more valuable to your company.

For example, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, and Act-On all sell a marketing automation platform. Chances are they sponsored the Direct Marketing Association #DMA2012 conference in Las Vegas. Analysis shows 4,400 global, 2,900 monthly searches for “DMA 2012” and 590 and 480 for “DMA conference 2012”. There are no paid advertisements. This is a Google Princess. If they spend $20k on the event, why not spend a few extra bucks getting people to your booth, session, or party. Even better maybe the prospect is evaluating marketing automation platforms and you can get them a demo or free trial of the product before the event. Send your drone ad to mate with the dma2012 event and produce valuable leads.

Google PPC Drone Advertising is a great way to augment your PPC campaigns.

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