How Predictive Lead and Account Scoring Fuels Sales Efficiency

HD Data Thanks to marketing automation and a growing group of lead providers, you probably have plenty of leads.

The downside, though, is that your sales development team may be drowning in data — records, names, phone numbers, email addresses — all begging to be clicked, called, reached out to and synced up with.

Without a well-defined process, your sales development reps (SDRs) may waste a lot of time scouring company webpages, press releases, Google and LinkedIn to try to figure out which of the thousands of leads is the right one to call.

The challenge for the modern sales organization is finding the signal in the noise. What’s the secret to hitting quota consistently month after month? Right industry? Killer marketing campaign? Calling three times in one day? Five times spread over two weeks?

It’s not hard to stay busy, but it is increasingly difficult to drive efficiency.

Science is the key

Science holds the key to unlocking sales acceleration.

New technologies and approaches have made sales organizations more effective. Click-to-call, dialers and gamification enable reps to do more, but increased activity is only part of the sales equation.

Predictive lead and account scoring separates your best leads from the rest, so your team can prioritize workflows and spend more time with the leads most likely to convert.

XANT research shows that top-scored leads can close at rates in excess of 5x your company’s baseline close rate, and contact rates can soar up to 34%.  

Account and contact scoring

Predictive scoring doesn’t just work for teams that pursue leads, but it is also optimized for teams that work with accounts and contacts.

Predictive scoring can help you identify the accounts that are the most likely to become new logos for your business and the best contacts within that account to help you get the deal done.

Learn how predictive scoring increases sales success in this free ebook. 

The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

Free eBook: The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. That means inbound reps waste a lot of time chasing the wrong leads.

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